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  • When renting business related property it is important for both landlords and tenants to understand the relationship they are entering into and the rights and obligations that they each have, the document that governs this relationship is usually a Commercial Lease.
  • A Commercial Lease gives the tenant an immediate right to take possession of premises and occupy those premises to the exclusion of all others, including the landlord or owner.
  • An Agreement to Lease is used prior to a Commercial Lease being signed in circumstances where there are things to be done before the landlord can give the tenant exclusive possession of the premises.
  • An Agreement to Lease documents each party’s rights and obligations and sets down all of the requirements that have to be satisfied prior to the terms of the actual Lease taking effect.
  • An Agreement to Lease can be very useful for both landlords and tenants and it is important to understand the relationship being entered into and the rights and obligations of each party.


The benefits of an Agreement to Lease

An Agreement to lease creates a binding obligation on both parties to enter into a lease on agreed terms, subject to agreed conditions being completed. This creates more certainty for the parties where money is to be spent before the Lease commences.

If you are a landlord undertaking building and renovation work to rental premises is a significant cost to you in time and resources. It is a period of down-time where no rental

monies are received and is best kept to a minimum. You may have to obtain Council approval for building work which takes time and you will have to contract and co-ordinate the many tradespeople to complete the works.

If you are a tenant you will want to make the best possible use of the premises from the first date you pay rent, being able to complete these works before the Lease commences is essential. It is also important that no inconvenience is caused to your customers by building works in your business.


We provide end to end professional execution, support, and liaisoning in the lease for predetermined agreement to final agreement & deed of assignment. Complete assistance in stamp duty registration and execution support in leasing for predetermined agreement, final agreement & deed of assignment. We also help in post-stamp duty registration tasks like partnership deeds, company, sale, power of attorney, transfers, etc.


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