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Amalgamation of the plot is the merging of the plot. Amalgamation of plot is done if you have two or more plots side by side and want to merge them into one plot so as to save marginal space and increase the production. We request you to kindly register with us inorder to get contacted and get your Amalgamation done within given period.


Following are the documents required for Amalgamation of Plot:

  1. Request Letter to MIDC,
  2. No Dues Certificate for water from Executive Engineer/Dy. Engineer (SPA) MIDC,
  3. Copy of Project Report.
  4. Copy of Online application to MIDC,
  5. NOC from Financial Institution (if the plot is mortgaged with the permission of MIDC),
  6. Declaration on Form No. A & B,
  7. Copy of up-to-date Lease Rent Paid Receipt.

Jalgaon Branch:

Office No. 1, 2nd Floor, Mansing Market, Near Railway Station, Jalgaon

+91 9974888333

+91 9518361606

+91 7222878878


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Minimum 1 Shareholder

   Minimum 1 Nominee

   Minimum Authorised Share Capital to be Rs. 1 Lac

   Minimum 1 Directors

   Only Indian residents can be Shareholder & Nominee

   DIN (Director Identification Number) for all Directors

   The directors and shareholders can be same person

   Minimum 1 Director must be Indian Resident

   DSC (Digital Signature Certificate) for 1 Promoters & 1 witness