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The plot holders have to develop their plot and obtain the Building Completion Certificate (BCC) within the stipulated time depending on the zonal division. Special Planning Authority (SPA) is the department which approvals the plan submitted prior to the construction and after completion, the department examines the site and verifies the construction as per norms followed by providing BCC. After obtaining the BCC the plot holder can start the Industrial activity and even in case the holder wants to transfer the leasehold rights that is possible.


Timeline for obtaining Building Completion Certificate (BCC)

MIDC is an agency responsible for granting land in Maharashtra and setting the policies for the optimum utilization of the available resources as well as modifying the set policies for the betterment of Industrialisation.

The permissible Floor Space Index in Maharashtra is 1. The plot holders can develop the plots in sections. But they have to obtain Building Completion Certificate by developing a minimum of  40% of the land parcel according to current guidelines and start the activity at a stipulated time.

Earlier the FSI consumption for obtaining BCC was 20%, the plot holders were to develop 20% of the plot area but Vide circular no: C05579 dated 21st June 2019 MIDC has revised the FSI consumption percentage for obtaining BCC for MIDC plots. Henceforth minimum of 40% construction is required for obtaining BCC. The salient features of the circular are:


  1. Those plot holders who had obtained BCC, but the constructed area is less than 40% of the plot & balance land of the plot is open. Those plot holders should consume a minimum of 40% FSI within 2 years from the date of issuance of this circular.
  2. After completion of two years from 21st June 2019 if revised BCC for 40% is not obtained, then non-utilization charges at @ 10% of the prevailing MIDC rate for open land till revised BCC of minimum 40 % is obtained would be charged. The penalty would be charged till the last date of the month of issuance of the revised BCC.
  3. After completing 2 years from the date of this circular non-utilization charges are applicable for the next 2 yrs.
  4. After completion of the extension period of two years if the BCC of minimum 40 % isn’t obtained in such case no further extension would be given. Leaving the area of FSI consumed by the plot, (as per the set norms the required area for the development of the FSI would be left with the lessee), the remaining plot would be taken away by MIDC.

Henceforth for the allotments of new plots, the BCC rule of 40% would be applicable. The new offer letter, allotment letter & A2L would have the clause of 40 % construction in stipulated time.


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Minimum 1 Shareholder

   Minimum 1 Nominee

   Minimum Authorised Share Capital to be Rs. 1 Lac

   Minimum 1 Directors

   Only Indian residents can be Shareholder & Nominee

   DIN (Director Identification Number) for all Directors

   The directors and shareholders can be same person

   Minimum 1 Director must be Indian Resident

   DSC (Digital Signature Certificate) for 1 Promoters & 1 witness